Photo Gallery

 Since I got my new camera, a shiny Canon 350D, I took a few hundreds pictures, and I was asked to put them online instead of sending them by email.
I still don't beleive I have any artistic ability to create web pages, but here they are :-)
Camera Test shots
Just after I got the camera, I felt the need to test it, and since my previous one was my trusty AE1, I tried some low light/high light, moving and autofocus stuff. All in all I was really impressed with the result.

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Paris on a rainy sunday (part one, Tuileries)
I had a meeting on a sunday, and I had my camera with me, and 45 minutes to kill... You know how it goes, right?

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Shooting fast moving objects can be fun too... As long as the pictures are good enough, and the means non-lethal...

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Closeups on some objects in my immediate surroundings. Playing with field depth, and aperture to have nice blurry backgrounds... :)

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Just a Quickie
Hey, I do have a nice view sometimes...

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Apple Expo 2006
As for the past few years, I had the chance of being a first-hand witness of the frenzy that is Apple Expo, in Paris. Along with a few colleagues I can definitely call friends, we went through the show. The first day, I had my camera :)

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Japan pics
I had the chance to go to Japan several times, and a lot of people have asked for pictures. Here is a collection, spanning over a few years.

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Mac Expo '06
Following Apple Expo, I went to Mac Expo in London for the same job. Just like last time, I had my trusty camera with me on the first day.

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