Here are a few test shots done by day, night or just on the spur of the moment.
They were done for tests purpose only, not for art, but some of them look pretty nice :)

Image 1
  • Night shot with the built in flash
Image 2
  • My St Nicolas icon. Note the fine details in the paint cracking, and the wood!
Image 3
  • Some colors there...
Image 4
  • The piggy, with a nice mirror behind it.
Image 5
  • Just for fun, an old licence plate. The reflector material looks real nice with the flash!
Image 6
  • View from the window, at dawn. The slight mist gives a weird light...
Image 7
  • Morning light in the living room. Sun right in front of the window gives an awesome shadow there...
Image 8
  • Just a passing bird. Maximum speed for shutter, ISO400. Very efficient autofocus!
Image 9
  • Same window at night, without the flash (of course). A cool shooting star in the sky, and a nice street lamp reverberation (orange)