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Nicolas Zinovieff
4 allée Berlioz
94800 Villejuif
Telephone : +33 6 83 68 46 41
email : krugazor@free.fr

born 25, june 1981 in France

blog (teaching, cocoa, iPhone): http://krugazor.free.fr/wordpress/


Freelance custom developer


2002 -> 2003 : Masters in Computer Science with honors
Internship in bio-technologies research center Genoscope


2003-current : Amazing Studio (Paris, FRA)
Custom developments for in-house tools, and professional applications for DVD mastering.
This includes tools for compositers (Shake), video editing tools (Final Cut Pro, After Effects, ...), and DVD mastering applications (Sonic, DVD Studio Pro, ...)

2003-current : Instructor/Adjunct at ECE (Electronic school) (Paris)
Java for embedded device teacher for last year students
Java2 teacher for 3rd years students
Project manager for a few PDA applications

2003-current : Part of the organization and maintenance teams on the showfloor of several computer shows, including
- Apple Expo (Paris, porte de Versailles)
- Salon de l'Education (Paris, porte de Versailles)
- MacExpo (Londres, Olympia Hall)

2008 : iPhone game development for Rebel Software (New York, USA)
Full development of a game involving graphics manipulation and data management, focusing on providing the best graphical interface effects possible.

2007-2008 : Full-fledged application for video/image manipulations (ImageSuivante)
Frame extractions from a video, with image filters and colorimetric corrections, as well as layout management for printing.

2007 : Aperture plug-in for the Phraseanet IV image databank software (Alchemy)

2005 : Collaboration with Chris Marker for the Owls at Noon / Prelude: The Hollow Men
Custom development for Mr Marker's art installation in the New York Museum of Modern Art, and the Toronto Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art

2002 : Apple Computer France, Services
3 months internship
In-house tool developments for deployment procedures

2001 : Apple Computer France, Education
4 months internship
Technical advisor, demo maker, and tool developer in the pre-sales force for the Education department.

2000 & 2001 : RDM Hone (Philadelphie, USA); http://www.rdmhone.com/
In-house tool developments
iAdaps project developer
System Engineer

2000 et 2001 : Patrick Perroud SARL (Paris); http://www.pperroud.com/
Plugin developments for Quark XPress with Patrick Perroud.


Some electronic background

Academic languages
OCaml / Caml ; MIPS/i386/PPC asm

Web languages

Application languages
C/C++/Objective-C/Objective-C++ ; Java ; Perl

Operating systems daily use
Mac-OS (Classic et X), Linux, NetBSD, BeOS, Windows


Highlight (presentation utility) : http://krugazor.free.fr/software/highlight/
DesInstaller (package remover) : http://krugazor.free.fr/software/desinstaller/
AlphaBeta (project management utility) : http://krugazor.free.fr/software/alphabeta/
Desktop Connection Library (Newton connection tools) : http://www.kallisys.com/newton/dcl/ (with Paul Guyot and Michael Vacìk)


French (Native)
English (Fluent)
Russian and Spanish (High-school)


Scientific reading
Pool (Nine-ball or standard pocket-pool)

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