All your project are belong to us

AlphaBeta: All your project are belong to us!

Change Log

Do you know this is not proper english?
Yes. I know. Funny how this became so quickly the most frequently asked question...

What is AlphaBeta?
Well, it's a state of mind, a philosophy... No, just kidding. AlphaBeta is just a basic tool that I need daily (and nightly as a matter of fact): a project monitor/automator/manager that can take care of my automated build system for me.

Is AlphaBeta a... you know? beta?
At the moment, yes it is. First I have to use it for a while and gather some feedback before starting to implement useful features like alarm clocks and automatic coffee grinding.

When will it be available?
I have no clue. My work keeps me busy these days, and I coded this over a night to actually work less the next day. When I have some time to finalize this and write a documentation (and only when the documentation is finished), I will release a 1.0 version. For now there's a beta available.

Is it safe to use it?
Well... it's just a wrapper around xcode, really (except that it can work headless). So, as long as you don't have any weird script phase in your builds, it should be totally non-destructive.

OK I'm convinced. Can I have it?
Yep, Click here

It's a beta and it's available for free. What's the catch?
There's no catch. It will remain free. But it's a beta until I decide otherwise. :)

How does it work?
You have two binaries: One is the GUI that shows/edits the contents of the database (wow, big word for a flat file), and the other is an argumentless CLI tool that reads the contents of that database, tries to build every project in there with the given options, and then updates the database accordingly.

Sounds cool! What does it look like?
The GUI is pretty lame and simple at the moment. It just does the job really. No, I am not ashamed to show it, I just don't wanna ;-)

Come on! Please, pretty please?
I don't see the point, but here it is. It will change quickly however...

Can I use it without XCode?
Nope. It depends on it.

What can I do to help?
Well... bug reports are always welcome. Thanks too. And I like receiving postcards by snail mail.
But as far as money is involved, I'm not too much into this. If you want to buy me a beer, that's fine with me :)